A Report On Curled Metal Inc.

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Curled Metal Inc. is a manufacture company that uses some types of metal, to produce very technical applications. In the last ten years CMI has grown very fast thanks to a product called Slip-Seal, which follows the mandatory US environment legislation. To could expand their product diversity, the managers of the company have decided to study and analyze a new product (cushion pad) for curled metal technology, which is a key part of the process for driving piles.

1. Segmentation

1.1 Possible Segments to Pursue
The company may target the following segments of the market: hammer manufacturers, pile hammer distributing and/or renting companies, architects, contractors, soil consultants and consulting engineers.
In order to develop the new product properly, Curled Metal Inc. has to delimit the target segment, and analyze the needs and wants of the customers, to could achieve their expectations. It is also essential get to know both, habits of purchasing and amount of spending per purchase. The company has to provide more values to the customers, when compared with the other alternative, to could develop the customer value proposition.

1.2 Segment Selected
The segment selected are contractors, for the following reasons. First, they own more than 2/3 of the equipment they use, renting 25% of the hammers needed. They also talk freely between each other but never reveal competitive secrets. In order to calculate the cost of the contractors, the company analyzed the

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