A Report On Dehradun : Dehradun

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Dehradun : Dehradun is located in the Doon Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas nestled between two of India 's mightiest rivers - the Ganges on the east and the Yamuna on the west. The Dehradun district has various types of physical geography from Himalayan Mountains to Plains. Raiwala is the lowest point at 315 meters above sea level, and the highest points are within the Tiuni hills, rising to 3700 m above sea level. The Doon valley has the Terai and Bhabar forests within it as well as the Shiwalik hills and Lesser Himalayan Range containing hill stations such as Mussoorie and Chakrata. The Pteridophytes are known as botanical snakes of plant kingdom. They are the oldest land plants on earth, flourished so well in past and dominated the earth vegetation about 280-230 million years ago. Although they are now replaced by seed bearing vascular plants of the present day vegetation still they are considered as a connecting link between non-vascular and vascular plants. Presently, Pteridophytes do not form dominant vegetation anywhere in the world flora. They further grouped in to two broad groups Fern-allies and Ferns. Among these the ferns constitute a major element of the Pteridophytic flora. They are most dominating and diverse group of pteridophytes throughout the world and includes ca 300 genera and ca 12000 known species (Chandra 2000). Most of the fern species are distributed in tropical and subtropical areas with limited distribution in temperate regions. They
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