A Report On Diamondback Shooting Sports

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Diamondback is a gun store located in east Tucson that caters to Tucson’s population of gun enthusiasts. It is open 7 days a week to the public, law enforcement and military personnel. For a gun store it is fairly big, it is 13,500 square feet and features a 2nd floor to the business. The first floor of the building is for civilian use and law enforcement and military personal are taken up to the 2nd floor for merchandise that is limited to them. Diamondback Shooting Sports is an upscale gun store that uses traffic flow, demographic targeting, and organization to establish a knowledgeable experience and a comfortable experience. Since the store is about 13500 sq. ft. with the first and second floor combined, they really used traffic flow to their advantage. With size on their side the owners of Diamondback have strategically planned and placed every square foot of the building. Walking into the store you get a sense of authority for perfection and sense of direction. In order to get to see the full store you have to walk past a giant show case of pistols. This thing is massive and it is dead center of the building. It is a giant square formed up of 8 glass cases that has multiple shelves. This unit holds 250+ pistols that immediately catch your attention. This is to draw you and entice you to stay longer in the store, which means you have a greater chance of leaving the store with more than what you intended to. As well as there being a giant case in the middle of the

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