A Report On Driverless Car

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Abstract In the advancement of AI systems, there is going to be change on the way we commute. The driverless car that is capable of driving itself and it is one of the hottest ongoing developments now. This is going to be very beneficial for human beings soon and it all set to take away the traffic accidents, traffic congestions on the road and much more. By specifying the source and destination in the driverless car, we will only be passengers in the car, the car systems do the driving the job for us. There are various intelligent components involved in building up the driverless cars. Introduction The technology has evolved a lot since past decade. Interestingly, Artificial intelligence systems have so much advanced now and it is being…show more content…
Driverless cars are prepared to offer various benefits to human society. Automation Categories: In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) classifies vehicle automation technologies into below four categories: Level 0: No automation. This is defined as human control vehicle. In other words, human driver is responsible controlling the vehicle at all times. Level 1: Specific function. One or more controls of the vehicle are automated. For example, automatic braking system that uses radar, video, infrared ranges sensors to detect the other vehicles or obstacles and apply the brakes to slow down and stop the vehicle without driver intervention when there is dangerous. Another example is, Electronic stability control (ESC) detects the loss steering control and apply the brakes to stop the vehicle from skidding. Level 2: Combined function. The combination of two or more controls is automated. The example is combined automation of adaptive cruise control and lane keeping system. Adaptive cruise control system adjusts the vehicle speed when the vehicle goes close to another vehicle, and lane keeping system warns the driver when the vehicle started moving out of the lane without driver’s input. Level 3: Limited self-driving. The limited functions of the vehicle are automated and the vehicle can drive itself.
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