A Report On Employees Staff Turnover

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Introduction: Any business with unhappy employees will lead to high rate of staff turnover and generally create a negative work environment. This has been an ongoing and serious issue, it is definitely something that requires addressing and to be improved so JW Manufacturing can become an environment where workers are happy working, this will in turn also reduce the staff turnover figures. Currently there are 40% of the workers that are not happy working particularly in the afternoon and night shifts, of the amount of staff that have left the company and even express interest in leaving the company, 90% have been from the workers who are rostered on the afternoon and night shifts. So unhappy employees lead to workers leaving, money and…show more content…
This will show as the manager can have a set out formal discussion with an underperforming worker and accurately establish where it is they require further training and be able to help and guide and coach this without bias, thus improving
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