A Report On Energy And Our School

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For our Go4SET project, we chose to do ‘Energy and our school’. We chose this through elimination; our school is rather well equipped with sport and leisure facilities; being a private facility on lease by the council, we have a fully-fledged theatre, leisure center and large grounds with football pitches, so there was no need to be doing a report relating to sport. This left 2 options: recycling, or energy. We believe that in the current economic climate energy costs are of greater concern to our school and council; we do not dismiss the economic and environmental importance of recycling; we just believe it should not take centre stage, given the rising fuel costs and our unique circumstances. Also, since our school is connected to the main power grid, the electricity that we currently receive is from non renewable energy sources, which harm the environment; it would help us to create some form of energy generation which does not harm us. A good representation of our current predicament shown by the graph on the right, which is graph 1: As you can see, a majority of our energy in the country comes from non renewable energy sources, so it would be reasonable to say our school gets mainly powered by non renewable energy sources. If we were to incorporate green energy, however, it would be doing our part in order to better the environment, and create a better world for all of us.
One other point to consider was that we are part of a joint school with Redwood
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