A Report On Energy Efficiency

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Abstract: Energy efficiency (EE) is an important objective in uplink wireless communications due to the limited capacity of batteries in user equipment (UE). Consider the scenario in which the access point (AP) serves a subset of UEs when available resources cannot support all of the UEs’ quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. In this project, propose a scheduling metric to balance the tradeoff between EE and fairness. Based on the scheduling metric, propose a suboptimal joint scheduling and resource allocation algorithm and a power allocation algorithm that maximizes the system EE. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can achieve a good tradeoff between the system EE and fairness.

I.INTRODUCTION The booming demand for wireless applications and the relatively low battery capacity in UE puts a premium on achieving high EE. With the growing popularity of green communications, EE is becoming increasingly important. Previous work on energy-efficient resource allocation in OFDMA systems has mainly focused on downlink scenarios. Due to constraints on individual UEs and the discrete nature of sub channel assignment uplink energy-efficient resource allocation is less tractable. In an uplink allocation algorithm is described to maximize the minimum EE among all users.

In order to maximize the total EE of all UEs under individual power and rate constraints for the UEs an efficient suboptimal algorithms are proposed.
The proposed…

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