A Report On Enterprise Systems

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Enterprise Systems in the organization can solve a number of business problems. The CIO is interested in the different types of these systems available including Supply Chain Management (SCM), which can be defined as “the management of information flows between and among activities in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and corporate profitability” (Baltzan, 2014. To better understand how these systems could have an impact within the organization this paper summarizes the analysis of two case studies that was done to “promote further understanding of this process of adoption and integration of supply chain management techniques” (Sohal, Power & Terziovski, 2002). The lessons learned will help develop the considerations for implementing this type of enterprise system within the organization. Description of the Organizations Organization 1 The first organization is an Australian manufacturer of products such as quilts, quilt covers, pillow cases, etc. representing 80% of their sales with other items such as camping related items making up the rest. This 120 person company annually generated $40,000,000 AUD. About 80% of the organization’s customers are major retailers within Australia, which has a competition of 6 other entities. The organization chooses to manufacture locally due to barriers in importing, quicker local turnaround time, higher quality control and competitive advantage of claiming made in Australia. Organization 2 The second
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