A Report On Flight Service

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The courteous and attentive in-flight service determines if every passenger has a sound experience while they are traveling by airplane. In fact, the in-flight service is made more complicated by four principal components following: the safety of aircraft, excellent facilities, an entertainment system and dining service. The dining service will be the only object of the analysis to avoid confusion. People tend to dislike airline food because of its terrible taste, though it was the highlight of the air travel in the past. Meanwhile, it is a fascinating object to study because it has no need of the large economies of scale, but it has many barriers to entry on account of the very high standards for the chef. As a kind of by-product of the airline industry, although launching a new business in the market of the airline meal is risky, it would be worth taking a gamble in the short run. The appropriate examples in the market of the airline meal can be used to define the product and the market in turn. In the process, people can have a very clear notion of market of the airline meal and form their opinion on the question that if a new company should enter the market. The product of the in-flight dining, the meals served by the crew, is a diversified private good. A private product in economics is defined to be the excludable and rivalrous good. The meal is a kind of private good because the meal is rival, in other words, the food eaten by a person cannot be shared to and
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