A Report On Foot Locker

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Foot Locker is one of the largest and leading sporting good stores in the nation. Foot Locker has provided quality tennis shoes and other active wear for many years; they are still one of leading retail stores in today’s society. This company has shoes and sporting gear for the entire family. Foot Locker has stores that only cater to the women, men, and kids. Foot Locker operates about 3,500 stores all over the world. According to Investors Daily Business, (2015) “Nike and Foot Locker experienced "decent" traffic and conversions to sales in the month of August, said Retail Metrics ' Ken Perkins last Monday, adding that at leisure apparel and athletic footwear have been doing well in the back-to-school season (Nike, Foot Locker Are Racing Ahead Of The Market, 2015).” There are many people that enjoy recreational activities that wear this apparel outside a day at the gym. This year marketing for Back to School was a success for this retail company. Children went back to school with the latest fashionable footgear, from Nikes to Reeboks. Super star tennis player “Serena Williams” even enjoys the comfort of one wearing one of Foot Locker’s leading line of clothes (Low, E. 2015).” brands sold at this company such as Under Armor. The numbers in sales were phenomenal this year for Under Armor; According to Elaine Low with Investor’s Business Daily (2015) “Nike is continuing to show dominance on the tennis court this week as Roger Federer, Serena Williams and others sport the

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