A Report On Gaia Wind Turbine

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The Eau Bank is located in Eau Bank Road, North Somercotes Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 7LP. As the the 2001 census, Louth had a population of approximately 28 people. This comprise of 16 women and 12 men living in 12 households. The location is on the longitude 0.120151 and latitude 53.484. The intending wind project will make available a suitable method of generating a clean renewable, sustainable and efficient electrical energy to Eau Bank farm community using a single micro wind turbine. The choice of turbine to be installed is based on certain design criteria such as economic value, physical robustness, quiet nature and high efficiency. Gaia wind turbine possesses all the afore-mentioned qualities as a single micro turbine will be mounted on a 18m tower in an open landscape with few buildings and possibility of no windbreaks all through the year to be able to get the wind speed at 6.8m/s. One promising and innovative idea is to install a turbine higher than the surrounding areas to have access to a more energetic wind resource.
Installation Location: Eau Bank Farm Eau Bank North Somercotes…

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