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Daniel Fennell AS 91080 Report Gaming PC The user will mainly use this computer for playing highly graphical video games such as Far Cry 4, the Call of Duty Franchise and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The user will be using this pc for hours a day, so he/she will need a pc which is able to handle hours of gaming and being able to run the games at at least 60FPS and be able to run them at high graphical settings and be able to display these graphics in 1080x1920 resolution. The components needed for this: Case - Thermaltake R31 Motherboard - RAMPAGE V EXTREME ASUS CPU - Intel core i7-4770 quad core Cooling Fans - Thermaltake Riing version 12 and 14 Hard Drive - 1TB WD SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 120GB Graphics Card - ASUS GeForce GTX960 Power Supply - CORSAIR AX760i 760W RAM - Vengeance LPX 4GB DDR4 Description of purpose each component Case - the case that was chosen is a Thermaltake Model R31. The purpose of this case is to allow for room for the components and the air flow required to keep the components cooled down. Motherboard - The motherboard that was chosen is the Rampage V Extreme made and designed with chipset x99 by ASUS. This board is equipped with anything a gamer would need on a board, including easy overclocking abilities, ability to make game packets higher priority and a very sleek design. The motherboard connects to the power supply with two 20/24-pin connectors and a 4/8-pin 12V connector, this is the basic connection with any motherboard. The basic

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