A Report On Google's Driverless Car

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Google’s driverless car; are they the future, technologies most recent trumpet, world’s next thing or the latest catastrophe, next failure, biggest let down yet? Google has produce multiple products over the years that were successful and some that lack success. The latest product their trying to liftoff is the Google Car. A driverless car that can rely on their sensors and software to drive themselves. The idea of a car that drives without a driver is by far interesting, but is it good to have a person life in the hands of a machine. Some people thinks this plan is a dead end: Ian Pearson, a futurologist, says "What Google is proposing is obsolete," Pearson, who is also a fellow at the World Academy for Arts and Science, said. "It doesn’t exist yet, but there isn’t any point in going through that phase." There are two Italian researchers are looking to release self-driving pods. The pods, called Next, they’re driverless boxes that will take you anywhere. But even the Next pods fall short of what Pearson foresees. For one, Next is a public transportation system that is controlled by a third party. The pods will pick you up after you request one through an app. (Muoio) So, there other things that are similar to driverless car that are surfacing around the world. Not just driverless cars; but the concept that a computer having to make so many complex choices is unsettling to some people. There are obstacles that these mindful machines have to overcome to gain majority of
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