A Report On Green Washing Essay

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1.0 Introduction:
In this report, the author will discuss some vague and ambiguous terms used by companies promoting green products, and then the author will also describe some different categories of greenwashing.

2.0 What is greenwashing
Greenwashing is kind of companies’ products or promoting which are exaggerated or false in regard to environmental protection.

Green washing is created by a environmentalist who named Jay Westerverld. One day, he criticized hotels that told customers they use some reuse towels for environmental reasons. However, the hotel’s behavior was not much for protecting the environment. The hotels just wanted to make themselves are looked like environmental friendly (Motavalli, 2011, n.p.g.).

Nowadays, lots of companies spend money to show they are environmental friendly. However, some of their ‘green’ behaviors are spurious.

3.0 Case study
3.1 Shell’s greenwash advertising
In 2008, Shell had an oil project in Canada. The company tried to open Canada’s oil market. The project included two parts, one was tar sands exploitation; and second was to build North America’s biggest oil refinery. At same time, Shell as an oil exploration company did not want to make people feel they would make big pollution in this project (Hickman, 2008. n.p.g.).

Therefore, the company made advertising. The advertising told people the company would use investment and new technology to get a sustainable development. However, the advertising was a greenwashing. The two
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