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Hilton Hotels
For our assignment, we decided to choose the Hilton hotel, as the advertisement we decided to work with, was very appealing. We chose the hotel industry, because it’s very vast, and is bringing in billions of dollars worldwide. They are almost necessary, as traveling without a comfortable place to stay, would be dreadful. These companies know this, and choose to market to people on their comfortability and because they revolve around travel, they also chose to market as a place to make lasting memories. The Hilton hotel in particular is one of the biggest chains worldwide. Overall, the Hilton hotel is an appealing place to stay, and when traveling, it’s recommended you give them a consideration when choosing a destination you want to travel to. 1. Background Information Market Profile
Global market share
On a global basis, there is no single company in a position to dominate or influence the industry as a whole. Hilton is a hotel company that’s growing quickly. It has the highest global market share by room supply of 5%. Hilton’s operations are mainly in the U.S. However, it has started to grow its presence in the international market. It has a one of the highest market share of 10% in the U.S. It has a relatively small share of 3% in other regions in the Middle East and Africa, 1% in Europe, and 1% in the Asia Pacific region.
Leading position in the U.S.
In the U.S., Hilton is one of the top ten companies in the U.S. Hilton have the
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