A Report On Hospitality Industry

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1. Introduction

Hospitality has been an important and major service area in Sydney region because it includes accommodation and food and beverage for guests. Technology has played an important part in hotels because the majority of the guest who look through hotels will look through how new their technologies are and if it meets their high standards and expectations. During 2013, the occupancy rates around Sydney hotels were pretty stale with the highest occupancy rate being 86.1% (Colliers International, 2014, p5). Therefore hotels in Sydney are getting an increase in occupancy and more guests are using the technology that is installed in rooms. Each year there are a few technologies that gets introduced into the market for example iPads in guest rooms, mobile key, air-blowing nail dryers and one touch “good night” button on the screen, which activates the “do not disturb” indication (Patek, C. 2012, para. 5). These new technologies that get emerged into the world, attracts guests attention, especially for business travellers who usually will need to use some sort of technology when they are in a hotel. Therefore, it can increase the occupancy rate and if they do like the atmosphere and the technology, they would spread the news to their family and friends.
2. Key points of articles

2.1. From 1 to 100 in 3 years 4 months: Shangri-La, Sydney

Shangri-La Hotel Sydney started to take control in July 2003 to expand Shangri-La’s global tactic. At the beginning of this the…
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