A Report On How 2 Businesses

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In this report I will be comparing 2 businesses. From Group A, I have chosen to do social networking site Twitter, and from Group B, I have chosen furniture and electronics retailer Harvey Norman.
Twitter, Inc. is a social networking website founded on the 21st of March, 2006. Its headquarters are in the well-known Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, but it has more than 25 offices across the globe. The current CEO is Dick Costolo, alongside founder Jack Dorsey, who is the Chairman. The management is structured into several different divisions: Product, technology, finance, communications, government relations and trust & safety, engineering, human resources, international, corporate development and global revenue. Each of these departments has a head that those working in the department report to.
Harvey Norman Holdings Limited is a retail store that sells computer, electrical, furniture and bedding goods. The company sells franchises to independent owners. Founded during the October of 1982 by Gerry Harvey and Ian Ross in Auburn, NSW, Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd is now listed on the ASX. Current headquarters are in Homebush West, NSW, with over 230 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malaysia, Croatia and Singapore. Several other retail chains like Domayne and Joyce Mayne are also owned by Harvey Norman Holdings. Since Harvey Norman stores are franchises, each franchise owner is a manager. Therefore the system is…
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