A Report On Hurricane Katrina

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Ashton Foster
Ms. Barnett
Pre-Ap earth Science
14 December 2015
Hurricane Katrina On August 23, 2005 one of the biggest hurricanes to hit the United States formed, over its eight days it killed 1,830 people. It caused one hundred and eight billion dollars in damage, and reached wind speeds of 173 miles per hour. Hurricane Katrina was caused by multiple things. It also caused multiple things like flooding and damage. The Hurricane also traveled great distances before it dissipated. This hurricane was caused by earth’s weather systems, which is very complex and hard to predict. And it was very devastating, and powerful as it formed, moved, and finally dissipated. Hurricanes never always start off as hurricanes. Hurricanes form near the equator most of the time. Different kinds of names are given to these unique storms based on their size and where they first formed. They are categorized from tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, and finally a Hurricane. The first thing a hurricane needs to form is warm ocean water which is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it also needs hot, wet air. That is why almost all hurricanes form over tropical regions close to the equator. The second thing a hurricane needs to form is wind, which is usually blowing westward across the Atlantic towards the United States. As the wind passes by it cause the warm water to evaporate and it rises. As it rises it cools and condenses creating clouds, theses clouds are only start of a
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