A Report On Internalization Of Kenworth Hotels

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Term of Reference: This report will discuss the issues regarding internalization of Kenworth Hotels in Spain, the report will further include an appropriate recruitment and selection, training and development, and rewards strategy for the role of Hotel Manager on assignment to the new hotel situated in southern Spain.
The hotel industry lies under the hospitality industry which is international by its nature as it is derived from international tourists and international businesses hence it makes an economic sense for a hotel industry to be global and therefore it is coupled with tough internationalization of the chains (Members 2010). Levitt (1983) suggests that the core competencies of hotel companies are to implement
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Requirements for CSR, Codes of Conduct and ILO:
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of self regulation integrated into the business model of organizations. Organizations have responsibility for the impact of their activities on the society, environment, employees and members of the public sphere which cannot be denied. The progress of the concept of CSR is elevating to the highest pedestal of importance in all aspects of production and business both private and public.CSR is a much known concept in present world and many corporate giants are conversant with it as it provides better synergy returns to the business. Moreover CSR is becoming a very important activity to organizations nationally as well as internationally. The increase in globalization has given birth to large corporations which serve as global providers and have recognised the importance and benefits of providing CSR programs hence CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe. The rationale for CSR is stated in number of ways its core is about building sustainable businesses with healthy communities, markets and economies which again necessitates carrying out CSR activities. The government has declared it compulsory for organizations to be socially responsible (chakraborty 2010).Non government organizations (NGO) are
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