A Report On International Labor Organization

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The organizations and industries which deal with materials it may result in a high-riskinjuries such as: oil industry, space agencies, nuclear power stations, chemical laboratories, aviation, constrictions (Adel Badri, SylvieNadeaua and André Gbodossou, 2012) andthe mining plants (Hermanus, 2007). People who work with high-risk materials. They have to check the working flow, detect hazardpoints, understandDangers surrounding to keep people in the safe side and prevent any accident and injuries. (R. Pretagostini et al, 2010).
In spite of definition of OHSMS in International labor organization is “A set of interrelated or interacting elements to establish OSH policy and objectives, and to achieve those objectives (ILO, 2001).” The scope of OHSMS is probable wide. There is no specific definition for it for helping us to determine which points should include it. The above definition is not clear. Does it deal with management materials or workers? (Nilson, 2000) has argued about this issue. There is no Specific points between OHS activities, management, and OHSM systems. OHSMS is not rarely understood. It works in between two lines the evaluations and improvements continuously. (Lynda S. Robson, 2007).

The value of a risk:
Risk assessment is taken most improvement in occupational safety and health especially Risk identification. In addition, the relationship between steps of risk and the level of occupational safety and health. Also design stage is the most
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