A Report On Interpersonal Skills

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A report on the interpersonal skills of listening, questioning and feedback and the benefits of these in the engineering field

Report prepared for
Dr Greg Nash
Course Coordinator
Communication & Thought

Prepared by
Austin Peterson
University of the Sunshine Coast
May 2015

Word count: 1433
Referencing style: Harvard
Executive Summary: This report provides and explanation, examination and recommendations of listening, questioning and feedback as interpersonal skills in the engineering field. Each of the three skills were defined using an academic textbook. These skills of listening questioning and feedback were than all examined using journal articles to find benefits of them in relation to the engineering field. The major challenges including the fact that technical skills are currently the focus in an engineering environment and not interpersonal skills meaning that listening, questioning and feedback skills won’t be as effective as they could be. The other challenge listed is that engineering workplaces are mainly made up of multinational people which means that English is unlikely to be the first language for some. This in turn creates a significant communication barrier which can be hard to remove. From the examination and challenges of the three skills it can be concluded that these skills are important to ones success in this field and should be taught and focused on more at university level. If these skills were more of a focus at
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