A Report On Isis And The Effect On The Middle East

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Good Morning Sir or Ma’am, Today I have prepared for a report on ISIS and the effect they have on the Middle East. As you have known for the past year this organization has been a huge problem not only for the America but the world. The world did leave this organization unchecked, but more and more countries are starting to respond because of the overall effect it is having on global stabilization. Through my research, I will give you an overall brief on the organization as a whole and then present a possible plan you can consider when making future policy and plans when attacking a situation like this. I want to start off with how ISIS got to the stage they are at now according to articles I’ve read through online research. The first article I read was called, “We Built Their Death Squads: ISIS’s Bizarre Origin Story”. This is one of first of three articles I have read so far, which provided a lot of insight with no restriction how they reported. What I mean by restriction is that the author didn’t hold his tongue on his article. The article referrers to them as the boogeymen of the west that did everything fro human trafficking to genocide and everything in between. (Death) According to this author we are the uncle of ISIS if not the father of the organization. Many of these terrorists started out at Camp Bucca, Iraq. Camp Bucca is a military detention center, which held captured fighters and suspected fighters. (Death) The American Forces ran this camp during
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