A Report On Larchwood Lake May Not Ever Be The Same Again Essay

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: Larchwood Lake may not ever be the same again. The story about Larchwood Lake is not that uncommon. Without doing extensive research into possible things that could occur by lowering the lake level, the Larchwood Lake Homeowner’s Association destroyed the very thing they were trying to protect. Carelessness and poor planning are not the only root causes however. There are a number of reasons that led to the degradation of Larchwood Lake that happen to relate to more macro level environmental issues. Those reasons are poorly designed environmental policy created by the E.P.A., poor understanding of lake ecology by the managers of the land, and false confidence in poorly planned ideas. By looking at how these factors contributed to the degradation of the lake, hopefully we will be able to make more ecological sound decisions in the future. The original cause of this problem was the poorly thought out regulations set by the EPA. One of the main reasons people have such skepticism about government agencies like the EPA are broad, poorly thought out ideas like the post-flood dam regulations. As you can see in figure 2 there would have to be a flood of biblical proportions for the dam to break. This is not only the EPA’s fault, however. The EPA is simply understaffed and cannot individually assess to the best of their ability what would work best on an individual basis. So they create these broad all-encompassing regulations that may only be well crafted for larger bodies of

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