A Report On Lotus Rental Cars

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Alternatively Fueled Vehicles Lotus Rental Cars first opened its doors in Phoenix, Arizona with a $15,000 investment by I.M. Poster. Founded as a rental car agency for value-minded renters, Lotus Rental Cars is one of the worldfs best known rental brands. In order to provide a higher quality of customer service, Lotus Rental Cars made its Internet debut in 1994. As an industry leader, Lotus Rental Cars today remains committed to serve budget-minded renters by offering a wide range of high quality vehicles through a network of over 900 worldwide locations. Today 's consumer, however, demands not only the convenience of quick service, but also seeks the highest quality merchandise at a reasonable price. Lotus Rental Cars, in order to continue delivering quality rentals to conscious customers, has expressed an interest in including alternative fueled vehicles to their fleet of rental cars. The destruction of the earthfs natural resources has been a topic of great concern. In the US, consumers have reached a higher level of awareness of the potential and effect of pollution in the environment. In an Internet Poll conducted in between October 2007 and January 2007, 19% of the participants replied they currently own or are considering the purchase of an alternative fueled vehicle. 33% showed an interest in renting an alternative fueled vehicle if given the option. Air pollution is one factor that is widely considered responsible for the changes in global climate. With the

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