A Report On Medical Records

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Jennifer Faulkner ENC 1101 Prof. Ashley Miller December 6th, 2016 Medical Records I was adopted by my family the day after I was born. From ages four through nine I was admitted into the hospital, every year, for dehydration which caused uncontrollable vomiting. These illness continue to plague me even today. Doctors would often prescribe antibiotics which would help until my next illness occurred. Their never seemed to be a month that would go by without some kind of illness. The summer going into 8th, I went under nose surgery. A month after my surgery, I ended up getting sick again. I went to an allergy specialist who had me undergo allergy testing and blood work. In 2013, I was diagnosed with Specific Anti-body deficiency. This means my body cannot fight off sickness because of my low white blood cell count. After I was given a pneumonia shot, he said I was cured. A month after being "cured", I ended up getting sick again. I struggled to find a doctor who could help because they told me they all needed family medical records. My response was, "I 'm adopted, I don 't have them." Without having medical records, my journey to fighting my sicknesses fell short. I believe that a law should be in enacted that allows all adopted children to receive truthful and full length medical records from the biological mother. For example, Ellington Jeffrey was adopted after birth in 2006. He underwent a CAT scan and his adopted parents found their son had a
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