A Report On Military Worms

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Military worms can also be used for reconnaissance. In, 2012, shortly after Stuxnet, the Russians discovered a virus, later named Flame, which had been extracting and dumping all data from Russian computers. The article, “Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say” by Dave Lee explains, “Once a system is infected, Flame begins a complex set of operations, including sniffing the network traffic, taking screenshots, recording audio conversations, intercepting the keyboard, and so on” (Lee). This usage of computer worms demonstrates the versatility of cyberwarfare. Not only can computer worms target specific factories and agencies, they can also be used to collect data secretly from other countries. In this passage, the author says Flame has been “ taking screenshots, recording audio conversations, [and] intercepting the keyboard.” Imagine if the U.S. was attacked by Flame. The virus could have been recording all search history, what individuals look like, and what they have said around their computer for months, while it sends all of this information to another country. This gives some insight into how powerful cyber weapons can be. The have the power to stalk anyone, almost anywhere, while remaining almost completely undetected. Later in the document, David Lee writes, “Whereas Stuxnet just had one purpose in life, Flame is a toolkit, so they can go after just about everything they can get their hands on. Once the initial Flame malware has infected a machine,

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