A Report On Mobile Technology

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The report is providing “recommendations to the employer of Computer Systems Support Center to implement mobile technology in organization in order to increase the efficiency of operations by providing effective communication network and information system through mobile applications and mobile devices”. It will provide the opportunity to the company to resolve the issues related to communication and sharing of information. In this report it is planned to provide recommendations directed towards Computer Systems Support Center to implement updated technology which help the company to facilitate the sharing and coordination of information to external and internal organizations that are working with company. Recently the mobile devices…show more content…
Terminology The terminology of this paper is plain language which will easy to read and understand. Major Sections of Report The major sections of report include the following: Alternatives: The employer of the company is recommended to consider two major alternatives of mobile devices in order to successfully implement mobile technology in the company. The first alternative is Blackberry and the second alternative is Microsoft window mobile. These are selected because they provide an efficient solution to company to enhance business communication and data surfing. Many other alternatives are there e.g. Ubuntu mobile, Google aneroid etc. However, these are not selected because it differs from company criteria in various aspects. Criteria Five criteria including: 1-Flexibility among employees 2-Easy access 3-Enhance customer’s service 4-Quick response Time 5-Efficient communication Methods Qualitative research will be conducted and unit of analysis will be company’s own employees and management and the management and personals of other organizations to whom company want to partnering. Conclusions The company success factor is to gain competitive advantage by encourage technological change by implementing new and innovative technology and mobile applications. Recommendations Raising employees moral and training to them is very
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