A Report On My Bathing Suit

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So Bertholdt drove to the three of us to the party. Apparently, Krista and Ymir were neighbors, so they co-hosted this party every year. They also had a lake in their backyard. I brought my bathing suit. I wasn 't planning on swimming, but Reiner told me it was a swimming party, so it would be strange not to bring a bathing suit. We pulled up by a nice looking home with many cars already parked by. The three of us got out of the car, and walked up the driveway to the back yard. There were maybe twenty people here already. I recognized some faces, but I didn 't know any of their names because they were just faces I had seen in the hallway.

"Hey Reiner, Hey Bertholdt!" A familiar high pitch voice said. It was Krista, of course.

"Hi Annie. I 'm really glad you could make it today," she said, smiling. I didn 't understand how she was smiling after the way I had treated her the first time I had met her.

"Yeah... uh, thanks for inviting me," I replied awkwardly out of politeness. I supposed she was part of the reason to why I would be getting twenty dollars after the end of tonight, so I should be thankful.

"Well, help yourself to all the food you want, and have fun tonight!" she said, and walked off with Reiner and Bertholdt. I sighed, and decided to find a place where I could be alone. I walked cautiously, avoiding the strangers around me. It was a nice piece of property, really. The water was a dark blue colour, with boats docked by every house around the lake. Teenagers…
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