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Nanaimo Gold Club is a highly esteemed semi-private golf course in Vancouver Island. Open all season, it has a full 18-hole course, pro shop, 2 full dining rooms, banquet halls, lounges and large patios that look over Departure Bay and the Coastal Mountains on the mainland. The Clubhouse was named the winner of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board 2014 Commercial Division Award of Excellence- Hospitality and Judges Choice Award for the best new commercial building of the year.

Building Address:
2800 Highland Blvd
Nanaimo, BC V9S 3N8


In 2013 the Nanaimo Golf Club took on extensive renovations to the existing building as well as adding another facility to the property. There were a substantial amount of
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Benson Lounge

Departure Bay Lounge

Men’s Locker Room

AV Macan Ballroom

*Building images courtesy of the Nanaimo Golf Club website: http://www.nanaimogolfclub.ca/About_Us/Photo_Gallery.aspx

SCOPE OF PROJECT- BUILDING SYSTEMS Our goal for this assignment is to understand the building systems, key players, and outcome of the renovation of the Nanaimo Golf Club. The different components we will be elaborating on is:

• The construction of the project: how the architect, contractor and consultants worked together
• How the building systems work: on their own and as a whole system
• How the client interacts with the building systems
• Have there been any issues since the completion of construction?
• Were the client’s needs met?


Client: Nanaimo Golf Club
Architect: Chow Hammond Low Architects
Structural and Civil Consultant: Herold Engineering Ltd
Mechanical Consultant: Rocky Point Engineering Ltd.
Electrical Consultant: RB Engineering Ltd.
Sprinkler Consultant: Des Design


During the

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