A Report On Nestle International Corporation Essay

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Name- Bhupinder Kaur Abstract- In this report NESTLE international corporation will be a subjected of depth analysis. Main part of this report will be based on explaining with the Corporate Social Report of Nestle and the aim will be highlighting main issues considered by the company. Introduction- Nestle is a Swiss company, established in 1905 and providing wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions. The company have more than 2000 brands worldwide, operations in more than 86 countries. Their objective is to be the leader in nutrition, and health and wellness. (Nestle.com, n.d.) As per Nestle Code of business conduct policy their business have been governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with applicable laws. Nestle aim is to meet the various needs of consumer everyday by selling food of a consistently high quality. AS per them there are two ways of fulfilling the responsibility and practicing corporate social responsibility: 1. Through social invest comment: giving charities, leading and supporting cultural and welfare initiatives. 2. Through the realization: that business create negative and positive impacts on social and environmental, through the daily operations of their value chain. (Waheed, Jan 2014) “CSR is a philosophy of conduct and concept of doing business applied by the companies, business community, and individual businessmen for sustainable development and preservation of
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