A Report On Network Security Audit

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Network Security Audit Jed Johnson, CGAP City Auditor Major Contributor Roshan Pulikkiel IT Auditor Christy Rodriguez, CPA Staff Auditor August 18, 2015 Report 201505 Table of Contents Page Authorization 1 Objective 1 Scope and Methodology 1 Overall Conclusion 2 Background 3 Management Accomplishments* 5 Opportunities for Improvement 6 Authorization We have conducted an audit of the Network Security Audit. This audit was conducted under the authority of Article VII, Section 5 of the Garland City Charter and in accordance with the Annual Audit Plan approved by the Garland City Council.…show more content…
As part of the methodology, IA performed the following: • Reviewed the perimeter protection safeguards in place for IT assets like workstation, switches, servers etc. (Obj. A) • Examined the environmental, media access and general controls for server rooms and data centers. (Obj. A) • Evaluated policies, standards, procedures and guidelines in place to enable employees to be enablers to a robust security awareness program. (Obj. B) • Determined if risk analysis has been employed by ITS to determine the exposure and countermeasures to risks to establish accountability for risk decisions.(Obj. C) • Assessed if the network policy has been developed and documented based on a recognized standard. • Looked if the security strategy is in alignment with the security policy for the City as well as for the third party providers. (Obj. C) • Examined if appropriate security classification is established based on the sensitivity of data processed in different zones. (Obj. C) • Inquired if operating systems, servers and other network appliances operating on the network is configured for maximum security.(Obj. C) To assess the reliability of reports produced by the IT department, IA interviewed multiple individual from the IT department regarding their process, manually verified the data to look for appropriateness and completeness, and reviewed the existing IT policy and documents from
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