A Report On Phr ( Personal Health Record )

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INTRODUCTION: I am going to prepare a report on PHR (personal health record), What are its benefits and How it is useful.PHR is an E-device used by the patients to maintain their health information in a safe and secure environment. This stands in opposite to the more likely used e-medical record and data is operated by hospitals and contains data entered by physician or billing data to help insurance company. The proposition of a PHR is to give a total and brief outline of a patient’s health history which is available on the internet. The information data on a PHR may consolidate patient-reported result data, lab results, data from contraptions, for instance, remote electronic measuring scales or assembled inactively from an advanced cell phone. BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY: St. jon Medical Hospital: The development work of the another stage comprising of an 600-bed healing facility, Nurses ' lodging and living arrangements of Staff was begun in june 1977. The OPD were opened on July 8, 1985. From there on, the IPD were opened steadily. At the point when the last period of development was finished in 1989, the grounds had all the obliged offices. A theater, with 900 seats, was included 1999 as a remembrance of the Silver Jubilee of the hospital. At present St. Jon Medical Hospital has 1800 IPD beds, conveyed among the Departments of GM, GS, O & G, Ped, CT Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Ophthal, Dermat, Dental Sx, Genito-urinary Sx, ENT dept, kidny, Ortho, ICU, Cardiac,
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