A Report On Physical Activity

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1 Terms of reference On the instructions of the teacher/lecturer a report on physical activity in young people is required for submission. Recommendations as appropriate are to be included. 2 Procedure 2.1 The project was discussed and agreed with the lecturer/teacher. 2.2 With the prior agreement of the head teacher 25 questionnaires for children and adults were distributed at the local school. 2.3 Various books and papers from the library were analyzed. 2.4 Information was obtained from The American Heart Foundation and NHS Scotland, I have chosen these sources as they are the most documented source available with many cases and evidence to choose and study from. 2.5 Information from the questionnaires was evaluated. 3 Research from the…show more content…
3.1.3 Children need a prolonged period of time doing physical activity a week, as to develop a stronger heart and for the child not to become obese the heart rate needs to be raised above 140 beats per minute (BPM). Aerobic exercise is the best to increase the heart rate as it directly works out the cardiovascular system, these aerobic exercises include, running, brisk walking and swimming. 3.1.4 Younger children at primary schools are not being exposed to the proper knowledge by class teachers when doing physical exercise as many of the activities are unplanned or delivered by a coach with no experience or qualifications to teach PE. Most children have as little as 5 minutes where their heart actually exceeds a limit of 159 bpm which would be regarded as a standard work out. More work has to be done to provide the primary school teachers with the knowledge to pass it on to the children as doing this at a young age will not only help the child later in life with health issues but also social issues. 3.2 Other Research Material 3.2.1 Many people are debating about how much physical exercise is appropriate for a child. For effective exercise children should have at least 60 minuets of prolonged movement of the larger muscle groups. This could consist of running, cycling, swimming and in general most sports. This should be done 3 or more times a week to have any effect on the child 's health. It is
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