A Report On Police Academy

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Police academy had been getting more brutal over the course of the year, the tests getting more frequent and the physicals getting harder. Maka revelled in the surprise of her classmates when she placed in the top ranks for the physical assessments, which was a combination of speed, strength and agility. As hard as she tried to ignore them she had heard the sniggers and doubt from the others as they assumed she would fail. Even some of the trainers had initially asked her if she was sure this was the path she wanted to take and suggested maybe she try something less physical like a desk job with the force but Maka was determined to pass. By the time Maka arrived to start her shift at the café she was dead tired and her muscles ached from…show more content…
Soul looked over at Maka, she was off in her own world again completely oblivious to the fact Soul had been looking at her for the past minute. Not that he was complaining or anything it gave him a chance to really look at her. He hadn’t noticed how big and glossy her forest green eyes were or the way she stuck her bottom lip out when she was thinking. His trail of thought was interrupted when the little bell above the door rung signalling the arrival of a customer. The man who walked through the door looked to be about their age and he paused in the doorway before grabbing a chair from the right side and dragging it across to the left. Soul looked over at Maka, she had an eyebrow raised in confusion. She turned to him and he mouthed the word ‘kook’ at her causing her to giggle a little before turning to serve the strange man. Soul took this opportunity to gawk at the strangeness of the man’s appearance and attire. He wore what appeared to be an all-black suit with small skull cufflinks and he had black hair with white stripes dyed horizontally across half of his long fringe. Was this some kind of new fashion trend, a hybrid between Goth Business? If so he was not jumping aboard that train, he liked his strange style complete with white hair and red eyes. “Large black” That’s all the man said. Nothing else, no hello how are you or anything. Then he dumped the money on the counter and went to
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