A Report On Police Academy

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Police academy had been getting more brutal over the course of the year, the tests getting more frequent and the physicals getting harder. Maka revelled in the surprise of her classmates when she placed in the top ranks for the physical assessments, which was a combination of speed, strength and agility. As hard as she tried to ignore them she had heard the sniggers and doubt from the others as they assumed she would fail. Even some of the trainers had initially asked her if she was sure this was the path she wanted to take and suggested maybe she try something less physical like a desk job with the force but Maka was determined to pass. By the time Maka arrived to start her shift at the café she was dead tired and her muscles ached from the all the running and climbing she had done earlier. It was clear to anyone who looked at her she needed a good rest and a long sleep. “You look tired as hell, long day”, Maka heard Soul talking to her as she was retying her hair into her signature pigtails. Maka sighed and nodded her head. “How you do all that has got to be the eighth wonder of the world” She laughed, Soul was such a great guy and for the first time since meeting Tsubaki and black Star she had found a genuine friend in someone. Sure they bickered a fair bit, often got on each other’s nerves and Maka had lost count of how many times she had smacked him over the head for comments about her bookish habits or prepubescent sized chest but he had never doubted her abilities
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