A Report On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality
There is various forms of human rights violation currently in the United States, however; Police abuse remains the most serious of them all. Police brutality is, therefore, the use of excessive force or even unnecessary force by the police while they are dealing with civilians. People are left wondering if the police are doing the jobs they were appointed to do under the law. They act in ways such as the use of guns and pepper sprays to intimidate civilians, racial profiling, false arrests, severe beatings, unjustified shootings, police corruption and even sexual abuse among others (King). The truth of the matter is that such incidents usually go un-noticed and worse of unreported. Police brutality is an issue of contention given that they have the authority to apply force when necessary. Hence, when do we say that police brutality has occurred, what causes it and how do we end it.
Currently, there is inadequate report statics of police brutality incidents or complaints. The reason being that there is no requirement that states that any of the law enforcement agencies must report such statistics. Hence, all the data that is presented is based on the ones reported voluntarily. In fact, the federal bureau of investigation stated that they cannot handle such cases when there is no reliable information that they can analyze (Dokoupil). Police brutality remains to be high in areas where there is a high prevalence of criminal

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