A Report On Saudi Electricity Company

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Introduction The company that I will discuss in my paper is Saudi Electricity Company. I had worked there for around 10 years (2004-2013). I started as Design Engineer C, then, I got promoted several times until becoming Planner Engineer A. Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) was reformed in 2000 as a joint stock company with paid-up capital of 33 billion SAR ($8.8 billion). Three-quarter of its shares is belonging to the government and one-quarter owned by Saudi Aramco, the third largest crude oil company in the world, and individual shareholders. SEC is the only company which delivers all power aspects from generation to customer services in Saudi Arabia. The total capacity of generating electric comes from the power plants of the SEC. In 2008, the total power generated capacity available during peak load was around 39.2 thousand MW, which was around 30.3 thousand MW in 2004. In 2014, the total generating capacity available during peak load was over than 56 thousand MW. The estimation of an average annual growth rate is around 7 %. As the only power provider in Saudi Arabia, SEC is facing a lot of regulations, challenges and difficulties, which some can be avoided, and some are inevitable impacts from rapid and successive developments. I will highlight three issues and challenges that must be indicated to overcome current crises impacting not just the company but also directly harming the country and people. 1- Ways of Production SEC creates much of its electricity by crude
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