A Report On Security At Airports

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Security at airports Mariusz Prokopiec Executive summary This report is about security at airports. It contains a useful information regarding airport security regulations such as both hand and hold luggage restrictions and list of items that are allowed to be taken on a board. This report also presents a brief changes that had happened in airports security before terrorists attack on 9th of September 2001. Additionally there is described the recent project- Total Airport Security System (TASS), which aims to improve the security at the airport area using very advanced technology structures. Contents page Introduction 4 I. History of airports security 5 II. Airport Security Regulations 6 2.1 Hold luggage 6 2.2 Hand baggage 6 2.3…show more content…
In the past security at airports was not developed enough to prevent the unexpected terrorist attack It was impossible to avoid all of catastrophes that took place in the past. Actually these incidents approached today’s airport security to perfection. Nowadays there are stringent rules regarding air travelling. I. History of airports security The only concern within aviation was the safety of flying. Hardly any thought was put into the security sector of the aviation industry. This changed when Peruvian revolutionaries took over a Pan American mail plane. In the period of time from 1930 to 1958, there was 23 hijackings reported. The first serious incident happened in 1947 when the aircrew member was killed. In 1955, Jack Graham, placed a bomb in his mother’s luggage. The bomb exploded during the flight killing all aboard. A similar incident took place in 1960, when two suicide bomber killed all people on a board. After these acts luggage inspection has become more exact. The majority of hijackings were made due to either escape from the USA or hold people for a ransom. In 1961, in order to prevent hijackings, the federal government started using armed guards on chosen aircrafts. After hijackings of planes in 1969 the Task Force on the Deterrence of Air Piracy was established by the Federal Aviation Administration. The task force began
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