A Report On Southern Oregon University Essay

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INTRODUCTION Late November of 2014, many students at Southern Oregon University are starting to get ready for Thanksgiving, finals, and Winter Break. However, during this time, my life was forever changed. In 2014 I was raped, twice, by someone I thought was my friend, someone I trusted, someone who I had even had consensual sex with once before. Sometime during the night, I can no longer remember certain details, my attacker got on top of me as I was doing homework and started to forcefully take off my clothes, trying to entice me into having sex. He then forced himself inside me and raped me. It took me four months before I had realized that I had been raped and that he had terrified me enough to stay with him for a week after the first attack to rape me one more time. After what had happened I didn’t report the attacks until seven months after the attack, I did not know enough information about him for the police to do anything other than taking a formal written and oral statement. My case is similar to many other sexual assault survivors, but there are a few cases every year that do end up in a criminal court and have a conviction. January 18, 2015, a young woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, woke up in a hospital with the news that two men had found her unconscious and another man on top of her, sexually assaulting her (Sanchez). The assaulter, later identified as Brock Turner, had also been to the same party that night as the survivor and her sister. Almost a
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