A Report On Southwest Airlines

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operated. During this time, travel agent fees were going through the roof and reserving an airline ticket was a complicated, drawn-out process. To counter this, Southwest implemented its own reservation system tailored to their own needs, which also included the industry’s first paperless ticketing system; but this wasn’t the end of IT innovation from Southwest Airlines. In 1995, Southwest.com was launched, and the online ticketing and reservation system was launched in 1996. Soon thereafter, Southwest Airlines ticket sales were primarily coming from their online reservation system (70%). By the late 90’s, Southwest.com was the most visited airline website [4]. By the start of the millennium, Southwest airlines had already mastered another IT milestone which is still in use to this very day: allowing the passenger to print their own boarding vouchers and allowing passengers to self-check in on their own computer even before arriving at the airport [4]! By implementing these two features on the Southwest website, the airline was able to reduce the number of customer service agents at check in counters and allowed customers to spend minimal time waiting at an airport [2]. This increases both passenger and staff efficiency, making the mundane task of waiting around at an airport virtually a thing of the past. Industry Analysis: Applying the Porter model to Southwest Airlines, we can see airline that is surrounded by fierce competition and costs [4]. For intra-industry

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