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Reviewing the last company report, put out by the Southwest Airlines, the airline itself serves at least 97 destinations across the United States, as well as also about seven additional countries. Southwest Airlines is a ridiculously known airline and has many influences on the products (airfares) that are put out. Although the biggest and the busiest airports the company operates are located in Chicago (Midway), Las Vegas and Baltimore, I would like to properly discuss how Dallas ( Love Field) is the heart of the Southwest Airlines and why is has such potential to be the most grown.
Love Field was Dallas ' convenient airport until 1974 when Dallas/Fort Worth
International Airport opened. Currently, the airport is also a headquarters for Southwest.
Recently, the introduction of new generation aircraft, new airport infrastructures and ground service allowed airlines to start service, and the use of airport infrastructure has been the source of competing interests and controversy. Southwest and its competitors have deliberately avoided the most congested hub airports and routes. The congestion is a major reason to why Southwest
Airlines have not relocated their service to Dallas International airport. They have sought out to underserved city markets and secondary airports in the central urban areas. Nonetheless, the very success of this operation is putting stress on the airports it operated as well as the ATC systems.
The continuation on growing profits depends critically on

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