A Report On Systems Engineering Essay

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Systems Engineering of Zipcar Michelle Lyons Colorado State University 2525 Wewatta Way Apt. 233 Denver, CO 80216 Abstract. This report applies systems engineering thinking and principles to the concept development of the car-sharing system known as Zipcar. Initially introduced in 2000, Zipcar addressed various needs and implemented successful solutions through a well-developed system. This report offers the exploration of multiple car-sharing system concepts. The analysis of these alternatives demonstrates the importance of well-developed system requirements. Referencing “Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, Second Edition,” by A. Kossiakoff, W. N. Sweet, S. J. Seymour, and S. M. Biemer, systems engineering principles such as needs analysis and verification, operational and performance requirements, and concept exploration and selection are discussed and demonstrated. Introduction The American car-sharing company Zipcar was founded in January 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts. As one of the first car-sharing companies in the United States, Zipcar offered solutions to everyday issues for urban dwellers as well contributed to the long-term sustainability of the environment (Ancona and Reavis 2014, 2). By dispersing vehicles available for short-term rental across urban areas, consumers are allowed access to vehicles on-demand, reducing the need for personally owned vehicles. As a result of the reduction of vehicles on the road, urban areas become
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