A Report On Target Corporation

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Target Corporation is an upscale discounter store, providing high quality on trendy merchandise, at nice prices in a clean environment and guest friendly store. The first Target store opened in 1962 in Minneapolis area of Roseville, MN with a focus on useful shopping at reasonable discount prices. Today, Target remains committed to providing a one-stop shopping experience for guests by delivering separated merchandise and outstanding value with its Expect More. Pay Less brand promise. Target currently is the second largest general merchandise retailer in America, with Target.com consistently being ranked as one of the most-visited retail Web sites. Target now has 801 stores in the United States, 130 stores in Canada, 37 distributions…show more content…
Sometimes they are rude, it depends on who you are talking to.” Target does not intend to lose any of its valuable customers and even if the customers insist on a discount on merchandise it is more than likely the management will reconsider the merchandise and reduce the price down about ten percent. A member of management rushes to approach the customers question and or concerns and assist their problems fast as possible. Target greeter’s encourage customers to continue shopping at Target with their humbleness and gratitude expressed with terms like “Welcome to Target or Thank You for shopping at Target”. Target is a clean store. Especially for mothers and fathers the number one priority is their children’s safety. Target has certain employees perform the safety sweep. Target provides the safety sweep once every two to three hours so if there is a spill or any mess, the safety sweep associate will clean the mess for the customers safety. One of the customer’s surveyed named Jessica Martinez agreed that Target is a clean place to shop and safe for her kids. If within those three hours a spill happens then an associate will call or page for maintenance to report to a certain aisle or register and clean the mess as soon as possible for customer’s and children safety. Target knows that a clean store is a safe store to shop at. In comparison to other retail stores that are dirty and might have mice or cockroaches present. Target offers their
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