A Report On The Airline Industry

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The first scheduled commercial airline flight lasted only 23 minutes and had one passenger who paid $400 on January 1, 1914 according to www.ibtimes.com. The webpage goes on to say that on January 1, 2014, an estimated 8 million people flew on nearly 10,000 flights. This illustrates how far along the airline industry has come. We also now fly cargo by itself further proving how far the airline industry has come.
The airline industry operates in various countries all over the world, and is in part responsible for the formation of an international economy. The airline industry alone is considered to be a key economic force in the world; in regards to the industry itself as well as the impact it has on other industries such as the tourism industry and the aircraft manufacturing industry. There are not many industries that can compete with the airline industry in terms of the amount of attention received by participants, government policy makers, and the media.
Description of the Airline Industry
Airlines are broken up into major, national, and regional airlines, but they all must maintain certification in order to operate. According to AVjobs, “all airlines hold two certificates from the federal government: a fitness certificate and an operating certificate.” The fitness certificate is managed by the Department of Transportation whereas the operating certificate is given through the Federal Aviation Administration. According to AVjobs, there are several components…
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