A Report On The Albuquerque Police Department

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The Albuquerque Police Department has shot twice as many people as the police departments in cities of similar size (Kim). Police officials claim that Albuquerque has a high number dangerous situations and that firing their weapons is necessary, which hasn’t been proven. Many individuals argue that shooting dangerous suspects is necessary for the police to do their jobs adequately and to protect themselves, which isn’t the case in every situation. Some departments within the Albuquerque Police Department are in need of reform to prevent the number of fatal police shootings within the city.The Albuquerque Police Department would highly benefit from reforms geared toward their officers’ training. It’s clear that there is a problem within the department because of the high number of shootings perpetrated by police. Compared to other cities around the nation, it becomes evident that the number of fatal shootings is highly abnormal, and that reform is necessary to prevent that number from rising even higher. Another factor that proves reform is necessary is that many of the fatally shot were mentally ill, and not criminals. If police were trained on how to deescalate situations instead of shoot, it could prevent unnecessary deaths. Police learning to differentiate between situations when shooting a suspect is required or not could also save the city money. If reform doesn’t happen quickly, it invites more problems. Officers may see that their colleagues aren’t being punished
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