A Report On The Bali High School Cat Prompt

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Good Afternoon EDL 605:

It was nice seeing you all this past weekend. I was impressed with your hard work, and enjoyed our conversation.

We began class with a review of the Bali High School CAT prompt. As a class, taken together your responses to question one were strong. You were able to identify the issues related to student achievement and address the need for a shared vision at Bali High School and the Bali community at-large. Your responses to question two showed potential. While at time inconsistent, you were able to articulate a vision for school improvement related to the identified issues. In general, you connected your plan to the CT Leadership Domains, and made some effort to explain how your plans would have a positive impact on student learning. The responses to question three need some work. I have a feeling most of you ran out of time. At the beginning of our last class (December 12th), I will give you another school improvement practice CAT. I am confident that the quantitative and qualitative analytic skills you develop as part of this course, and the experience pacing your responses, will translate into stronger performance on the next CAT practice prompt, and prepare you for success on the actual CAT.

After our review of the CAT, you all worked in your NEASC self-study groups, and reviewed the research you conducted over the past two weeks. You have done yeoman’s work conducting your research. Over the next two weeks, you should all be writing your…
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