A Report On The Bali High School Cat Prompt

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Good Afternoon EDL 605: It was nice seeing you all this past weekend. I was impressed with your hard work, and enjoyed our conversation. We began class with a review of the Bali High School CAT prompt. As a class, taken together your responses to question one were strong. You were able to identify the issues related to student achievement and address the need for a shared vision at Bali High School and the Bali community at-large. Your responses to question two showed potential. While at time inconsistent, you were able to articulate a vision for school improvement related to the identified issues. In general, you connected your plan to the CT Leadership Domains, and made some effort to explain how your plans would have a positive impact…show more content…
To start our next class, please bring 22 copies of your executive summary and list of strengths and needs. Plan to spend half an hour reviewing your findings. Please do not prepare a PowerPoint or Prezi, simply review your findings and lead us in a discussion. After working on the NEASC reports, we discussed the Common Core Literacy Standards, the importance of text complexity when selecting fiction and non-fiction resources and materials, and the importance of text-dependent activities and assessments. At this point, you have effectively mapped the standards to your courses in ATLAS. Over the next two weeks, be sure to evaluate all resources for the unit you are fully developing for text complexity; use the quantitative, qualitative, and readers-task resources I loaded in Blackboard. If you are developing a course for grades 4-12, align your course to the Beyond the Blueprint standards, and include robust literacy strategies that suggest before, during and after reading techniques to help students read and demonstrate understanding of the reading materials included with you unit. After a review of the Common Core standards, we discussed the importance of learning theory and child development. Research on learning theory and child development informs research-based best practices related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and creation of a positive learning environment. As a school leader, it is critically important for you to understand how students learn. This
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