A Report On The Behavior

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The behavior seen in case study three are understandable frustrating and need to be addressed immediately. While there are some individual goals to be met with the two students, Patrick and Zach, there is also a group goal that could be implemented. Zach’s two goals are as follows: 1. Think before you speak or act. 2. Socialize and interact with fellow students in a positive manner. Both of these two goals have been created to try to eliminate the yelling and pushing, as well as to better get Zach to feel like apart of the class. When Zach finds himself angry or upset, I would like to encourage him to thing before he starts yelling or pushing his classmates. I also would like to get him to express himself in a positive manner by explaining to Patrick that “I was hurt and I would like you to please stop.” I also think that if Zach felt more comfortable around his classmates he would not find himself so upset. With Zach coming in during recess and after school to be in the classroom, he is not socializing himself with the kids in his class and has like minds. Two Stars Strategies I would use in helping Zach reach these goals would be, effective rules and contingent instruction. Effective rules could be useful in helping Zach to keep his hands to himself as well as using kind words towards other students. “Rules are explicit statements that outline the expectations teachers have for students to follow in order to provide a safe, secure, and effective learning environment”
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