A Report On The Business System Of The United States Postal Services

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1.Shipping Lucidum employees normally will handle shipping jobs. Upon the first day of receiving a particular order, they will verify the payment then organize promptly on how the shipment will meet the end distributor. Preferred choice of shipment transportation is air as it is pretty fast. United States Postal service could also prove cheaper for situations when the shipment is extremely small. 2.Pricing In all selling platforms especially the e-commerce sites we will clearly stipulate the rules and guidelines for the product purchase. These rules include return procedures, applicable duties, shipping costs and taxation imposed. Since we will be offering a premium product, considerable premium pricing is also expected to follow.…show more content…
Still, to cater for the new foreign customers and buyers, adding a currency converter in real time could help speed up the process of buying or placing an order. Adding a section for international buyers to place reviews as they become available on the website could prove to provide comfort and trust to the future buyers looking to buy from the site. This also includes an inquiry section for potential buyers to ask questions regarding any issue arisen. Due to different taxation prices in different countries, it is important to include sample taxes and duties for the target countries and also add text the customer’s responsibility to pay them all. Shipping options should be included also to fit accordingly to different buyers across the world and adding cheaper shipping alternatives could prove to earn more trust from customers. Providing a clearly written returns policy is also key to preventing unnecessary confrontations and misunderstanding with the customer. 5.Review Plan a.Operational Review General operations will be handled by different employees in the production and transport line. The production managers will handle the huge number of production to cater for the new foreign exports. The transport and logistics department will then oversee timely and efficient transportation of product from the company’s plants to the distributors in foreign target countries. These people will also oversee the stipulation of the minimum-order quantity per shipment

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