A Report On The Car Dealership Essay

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This Novak dealership was the runt in the litter. There were four other Novak car dealerships in the city. They sold luxury to foreigners and middle-aged men, but this dealership was known for rust, and red numbers. It was also the only one that my dad owned. It was always quiet; yet about an hour ago, Dad had gotten a call, and had gone into his dimly lit back office to talk. From where I sat at the desk, I could hear snippets of the conversation that filtered in through the gap in the door. “How long… here?” Dad said. I had no homework, so I swiveled around on my chair, and watched my dad bite his nails as he talked. “No … the money… just…” Dad caught my eye, and gave me a look that made me turn around again. Then I heard the door click shut behind me. After a while Dad’s phone call ended, and he walked out of the office, smiling. “Jack, don’t sit in the dark,” he said, reaching over to the switch. I blinked as my eyes were assaulted with florescent yellow lights from the 80s. “Why are you so happy? We haven’t sold a car all day.” Dad picked up some mail. “No but I predict good things for this dealership,” he said, as he flipped through the mail, dropping the bills into the wastebasket. I rolled my eyes. ` “This time is different,” Dad sang, “I’ve got something in the mix.” “Yeah, what?” “I can’t tell you yet, but it’s good.” His smile fell when he saw my face. “Sure, Dad,” I sighed. “Jack.” “Don’t,” I said, leaving for the bathroom. A week later I sat at the

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