A Report On The Castle Family Restaurant

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INTRODUCTION The Castle Family Restaurant is a successful business in eight locations throughout California with 300-340 employees. All HR related tasks are manually done by Mr. Jay Morgan who also takes care of their operations. With the growth of the company it has become increasingly demanding and challenging to collate and process information from 8 different locations. Mr. Morgan is looking for a cost effective HRIS application which will greatly reduce his travel time and save costs. HRIS “Human Resource Information Tracking System” gives you instant online access to your employee records, reduce all the paper work headaches, and reduce employee management costs for small to mid-size business like yours. This system work in real time…show more content…
An automated payroll system also reduces errors and makes processing simpler. Additional advantages of implementing a payroll system include: • Time Cycle Data The restaurant has many employees who work part time and full time. It is essential to compute wages differently for both the type of employments while keeping track of the time they worked for and process payment accordingly. It is critical in such scenarios to compute wages accurately which the automated payroll system helps in which is otherwise not possible by manual calculation. The automated time tracking allows the restaurant to import time clock information into the payroll software. Employees can also use their badges or swipe cards to clock in and out. Once this is done the software computes the time and the wages accordingly. • Payment Calculation All the wages can be computed using the automated payroll software. Most payroll software calculate gross-to-net earnings based on the inputs given by the payroll representative. If an employee is terminated and his severance pay is due but the representative has forgotten to make the entry, the payment will not be processed. The payments are processed so long as the representatives feeds accurate input. The automated system processes all types of payments- overtime, hourly, bonuses, wage deductions etc. The automated system eliminates manual paycheck writing. The system automatically generates paychecks and
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