A Report On The City Centre

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to the girls giggling at whatever jokes the young men standing close to them were telling.

The roads were in a pretty good condition, or was it just the straight Airport road leading from the airport to the city centre that they repaired? It would be something the government would do to entice visitors under false pretence. The smell of red dirt was prominent and a mixture of over-ripe fruit mixed with heat and dust. I hadn’t missed the smell or the dry earth with brittle brown tufts of grass suffering under the intense late October sun. Pretty soon, the long open road gave way to more intersections and traffic lights with the build up of more houses and buildings. Harare’s City Centre opened before us, a metropolis of honking horns, cars, buses and pedestrians fighting for the right to use the same streets.

Cars pulled into the street in front of us without looking and the taxi driver had to apply emergency brakes frequently, using his horn to show his frustration and lots of hand gestures accompanied by swear words in Shona that I vaguely understood. Zachary was awoken by the hooting and braking and was soon sitting on my lap looking out the window at the strange sights. His hair was damp with sweat and the back of his t-shirt stuck to his overheated body.

The majority of the people on the street were dressed smartly and bustled to and fro to their destinations. We could see the difference in the population immediately with the majority of the people milling…

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